How to Get your Kids Pose for Photos (Tips on Do’s and Don’ts)

Because behind every good photo that you see on our feed are a bunch of outtakes (which we equally love).

The photo that “passed” my Instagram feed haha!

One of the most challenging, if not the most, of making content for brands is having your child to pose with you. Especially if your child can already assert herself (just like my daughter, Savia) and tell you the big NO or just being naturally cranky because they are not comfortable. And that is okay.

Here are a few TIPS on DO’s and DON’Ts to Get your Kids Pose for Photos:

  • INFORM your child about an upcoming campaign (say, you’re gonna take photos and will thank the people who sent them to you, if for a product seeding. They want to know how we are enjoying their package so far). Preparing your child’s mind (and emotions) is one of the most basic and most effective.
  • ALWAYS ASK for your child’s permission if s/he wants to join you in the photos. This is an opportunity to teach your child RESPECT. If your child says NO, it means NO.
  • DO NOT SCOLD your child or show obvious disappointment (not even mocking childish tantrums). Your child will easily pick this up and will most likely do the same whenever she’d feel disappointed towards someone or something.
  • NEVER ever force. This also applies to adults ourselves. We don’t want to be forced to do something we don’t want to do, do we?
  • You may TRY to persuade your child through negotiations or reward. Just make sure that you as a parent will fulfill your promise. Failed promises can lead to trust issues.
  • FOLLOW your child. If s/he’s not in the mood, you can set it up for her/him. Even if it would mean longer time to shoot or many photos to take. Patience is key.
The outtakes / behind-the-scenes of our shoot “according to my daughter’s mood” 😀
  • HAVE FUN!!! Though it may be ‘work’ for you, nothing beats genuine happiness that you both will feel during the shoot—mind you, these are the moments that your child will put in her core memory. Bonus! The photos will turn out their best!!! ❤️❤️❤️

PS. You are welcome, mommies! 😉 These are what I have learned along the way and most of them, I’ve been—effectively—applying to Savia.

PPS. Didn’t know I could still practice what I have learned as a Psychology major a decade ago. I actually believe that I’ve used my learnings ever since I became a mom 😁😂

Feel free to add more tips for other parents to see and learn 😊

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