Watercolor Floral Crafting: A Hobby that Moms Never Knew They Needed + GIVEAWAY

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Was it that long ago or just recently?

Trying new things increases self-awareness, stimulates creativity, helps overcome fear, increases confidence, provides wisdom, and allows you to see the world from a different perspective… — Positively Present

As many would agree, once we become a mom (or a parent), we sacrifice and put aside/on hold some of our interests and plans just because our priorities have changed and we sometimes feel guilty by just merely thinking of them.

Good news! Because there are a lot of things to try out there and bringing your family with you to experience it will make a difference… and fun memorable moments too!

In my case, just last month, our little family attended our first-ever watercolor floral crafting workshop facilitated by Janus Aragones-Zate, a fellow mom and the woman behind The Erudite Artist.

It was a workshop intended for beginners like me and having it in a smaller group made every attendee felt invited and encouraged to participate, and individual attention was given.

Workshop attendees with the facilitator proudly showing their respective ‘masterpieces’. <3

It was a fun activity for us, esp. for Savia because painting has been one of our bonding activities at home. TIP: Painting is also one of the things I offer to her so that she would be gadget-free.


As to how Janus defines it, “Watercolor is the painting method in which I perceive as a dance between water and pigmented colors.

Here are some basic watercolor techniques which I myself made during the actual workshop.

Presenting… my finished product! <3

Behind-the-scene: My messy worktable with my finished product 😀

Overall, it was a refreshing experience that awakened my creative side while being able to share and introduce a new learning experience with my daughter (and a husband who was listening to the talk while taking our photos hehe).

Learning from a fellow mom and art enthusiast such as Janus made it easier for our batch as she was accommodating and patient to our noob questions (as they say, motherly touch). Everyone was welcomed and catered to no matter the age.

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Here are some of the displayed finished product samples made by Janus.

As Janus closes her last workshop for the year, she aims to reach out to more moms (and dads too) to try out painting as this could be the hobby/outlet they never knew they needed all along.

Catch her upcoming workshops in 2020 by following her on her social media accounts and website.
(Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jveruditeartist/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jveruditeartist/
website: https://linktr.ee/jveruditeartist)


Since it’s the season of giving, it’s time for a giveaway (exclusively on Instagram).
In collaboration with Janus Aragones-Zate, the mom behind The Erudite Artist, one (1) lucky mom/dad/tita/tito (yes, this giveaway is open to everyone) will win a brand new set of acryclic colour by simply following the mechanics below.
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Multiple entries are encouraged but make sure to follow all the steps in the mechanics; those who unfollow will be banned from joining future giveaways.
Giveaway closes on December 20, 2019. The winner will be picked via randomizer and will be announced the next day. Good luck!
**Open to METRO MANILA residents only with accounts that are set to PUBLIC. STRICTLY no giveaway accounts.***

2 thoughts on “Watercolor Floral Crafting: A Hobby that Moms Never Knew They Needed + GIVEAWAY

  1. Wow!! Galing naman, Magandang bonding moment talaga at less Gadget.. Magugustuhan din daughter ko to dahil mahilig sya magdrawing😊😊 thanks for sharing momsh!Merry Christmas 🎄❤️

    Fb:Romaraog Karen

  2. Hi, momsh!

    Honestly, I already forgot when was the last time I did something for the first time because of my super busy schedule as a working mom.

    This catches my attention and made me realize that at this point of my life, I need to find an outlet where I can release my stress and also to discover my better self.

    I love art pieces. However, art and drawing, and painting doesn’t seem to love me. Hehe. But I am so willing to try it with my daughter.

    I want the frustrated artist in me succeed through my daughter.

    Thanks for this very informative and inapiring article.

    Happy holidays. 😊

    Riz Oliva – Villaruel

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