Our Breastfeeding Journey and Photoshoot Campaign with Philips Avent

In observance of the National Breastfeeding Awareness Month last August, please allow me to share with you our breastfeeding journey.❤

Prior to giving birth to Savia, I had little or none idea about breastfeeding. I wasn’t as confident as I am now, with all the doubts and discouragements that have crept in my thoughts then.

When I finally gave birth, it felt a whole lot different. True enough, you just wanted to give what you know is best for your little one, no matter what.

The doubts I previously had were replaced with excitement and joy esp. when Savia started to latch on me. IT WAS THE MOST PAINFUL THING (physically) that ever happened to me (probably next to labor 😁) but knowing how important and beneficial it is for the both of us, I had and I CHOSE to bear all those pain.

After that, the rest, as they say, is history. God has allowed me to return for work and experience pumping and collecting stash for 8 months (such a privilege to have been featured in Babymama’s blog about my BF journey then in this link), before I finally decided to shift career to being a full-time mom and wife. This way I can also pass on my learnings and knowledge to my fellow breastfeeding moms and inspire them as well.

Having had my fair share of struggles and triumphs in our breastfeeding journey, I am proud and thankful that Savia is exclusively breastfed for 38 months now (and counting).

Forever grateful to the unwavering support of my husband, Everard. Also, to my moo-mmy friends, parenting communities and support groups that I am a part of, also to Savia’s pedia who is also a BF advocate.❤

As we celebrate Breastfeeding Month every August, let’s support our right to be #ComfortableAnywhere with #PhilipsPH.

Share your experience and post a photo with your support network who make you feel #ComfortableAnywhere while breastfeeding on your social media accounts using the hashtag.

Here are some of the photos Jorem and Sheila Catilo Photography for Philips Avent for the photoshoot awareness campaign on breastfeeding.

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