Take the Pocky Heart-to-Heart TikTok Challenge and tap into the joy of gift-giving

Share Happiness with your loved ones on social media on Pocky Day (11.11)!

Glico Philippines, Inc. is celebrating Pocky day (11.11) this November 11, 2022 with a new TikTok challenge that combines the Filipino culture of gift-giving with a cute Pocky 1 trend popularized in Japan. The Pocky Heart-to-Heart TikTok Challenge is perfect for those looking to showcase their love to the ones they hold dearest.

Every year since, Glico celebrates Pocky day globally on 11.11, because this popular Japanese
snack that everyone loves looks like the number “1”.

The tradition of giving gifts or pasalubong to loved ones is an integral part of the Filipino culture; this generosity and thoughtfulness are traits that perfectly resonate with Pocky’s brand philosophy of sharing happiness with everyone. This is why Pocky has chosen to celebrate their biggest day of the year, 11.11, with a gift-giving challenge for everyone in the Philippines to show their utmost love to those closest to them in the upcoming festive season.

If you have someone you want to show your love and appreciation to, here‘s how you can join the
Pocky Heart-to-Heart TikTok Challenge:

  1. Create a heart with Pocky boxes — Using at least two Pocky boxes, put your creativity and
    skills to work, and shape them into a heart. You can even decorate the Pocky heart with
    ribbons, flowers or anything else that adds to the love you put into the gift.
  2. Give your Pocky heart to a loved one — With your valid TikTok account, take a video of
    you giving your Pocky Heart to someone you want to show your appreciation for. Make sure
    to share your happiness with us by telling us why you’re giving this person the Pocky Heart.
  3. Share your love to the world! — Post the video on TikTok with the hashtag #PockyHearttoHeart!

Whether it’s a partner, an old friend, a teacher or your grandparents, there is bound to be someone
dear to show your love to. Take the Pocky Heart-to-Heart TikTok Challenge and showcase your love
in a Heart-to-Heart “Tok” with your loved ones. If you post the best entry, you’ll win a cash prize and a
special limited-edition gift pack with “Pocky Happiness Flavour”!

You can complete the challenge in the comfort of your home, in a fancy venue of your choice, or at
one of our Pocky day event booths coming soon to a space near you! Follow the Pocky Philippines
Facebook and Glico Philippines Instagram to find out the locations of these events as they open up.

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