5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss EXPO MOM 2021 this November

EXPO MOM 2021: Learn, Cultivate, and Celebrate the Mindful Mom in you!

As Mommy Mundo wraps up its 2021 Expo Mom Online series on November 12, 13, and 14 with the theme, Mindful Mom, here are my top 5 top reasons why you should not miss it.

  1. It’s the last Expo Mom for 2021. As the saying goes, Save the best for last

As you read the other reasons following this, you will know why the Expo Mom this November is the most special one (at least for me). 😎

2. The 3-day online conference featuring expert speakers talks and events all centered around their theme: #MindfulMom is for FREE and can be accessed by ALL

Kicking-off through Mommy Mundo’s Facebook Live on November 12, 2021 at 4pm with Mommy Mundo’s founder, Janice Villanueva, opening the program, Mindful Mom, will dive into the many different ways moms can be mindful in motherhood. Mommy Mundo has always endeavored to encourage moms towards mindfulness. From articles, events, and activities to even hosting Mindful Mom retreats, which were first born in 2015 from, the campaign Mom Manifesto. The campaign went on to win a Philippine Quill Award for Top Communication Skills, and the retreat was among the most popular activities of the community.

This Expo Mom, talks, activities, and workshops have been specially curated to address the most vital points that came forward in the Into the Mom Mind survey. This November’s lineup includes:

● Chal Lontoc del Rosario talks Mindful Travel on Day 1.
● Joana Gube and Indy Ycasiano discuss Mindful Fashion.
● Tricia Chiongbian leads a Mindful in Mind meditation on Day 2.
● Monica Manzano discusses Mindful Teaching
● Sara Rubin takes us through Mindful Energy
● Luna Garcia talks to us about Mindful Health on Day 3
● Maricar Cristina Holopainen dives into the Mindful Body…and more!

See posters for the full and detailed program schedule.

3. Special deals and great discounts all designed to support mompreneurs through the Mommy Mundo Shop

By shopping during Expo Mom 2021: Mindful Mom, you’re helping #mompreneurs and small businesses all around the country thrive during these tough times! Browse their premier infant and children’s products and take advantage of their amazing discounts and deals on November 12-14; maybe even cross out some items on your holiday gift lists!

4. Launch of the NEW and IMPROVED Mommy Mundo Community Passport

For over a decade, Mommy Mundo strives to make motherhood easier, happier, and fulfilling by providing venues for information, ways to connect, and giving delight through perks and experiences. And as a way of appreciation to the support and participation of parents and non-parents alike, they are launching their newest offering designed for their dear #MMCommunity, The Mommy Mundo COMMUNITY PASSPORT! It’s the same #MMPassport we’ve all come to know and love but made even better! It’s Mommy Mundo’s way of providing us with personalized, delightful ways to enjoy the #mmcommunity.

Here are 3 ways to enjoy the MM Community Passport:

  1. The MM MOM: Being here with us makes you one, but sign up to unlock your benefits. You get our monthly e-newsletter, free learning events, access to more than 100 learning videos on the MM Learns platform (www.learn.mommymundo.com), and the much-awaited Monthly MM Community Hangout gathering!

2. The MM Ambassador: Receive perks such as the 2022 MOM 24/7 Planner, the Journey Box, access to 100+ videos on MM Learns, PLUS a 5% discount on premium learning modules, and QUARTERLY deals from @mommymundoshop! Sign up as an #MMAmbassador for only P999/year (that’s P83.25 monthly!)

3. The MM Maven: Get all the benefits of an MM Ambassador with MONTHLY deals from our shop PLUS access to a 12-session program designed in partnership with MM’s Board of Experts for parents who want to go on a self-growth journey. This program is only available to MM Mavens and comes with a discounted session and access to MM’s Parent Coach facility. #MMMaven is available for a special introductory price at 58% off till Dec 31, 2021. From its regular price of P11,999/year, get access to the MM Maven Step-Up Parenting Program for only P4,999 for the year (that’s P416.58/month!).

Sign up now at www.mommymundo.com/community-passport.

5. Unveiling new cover designs of the much-awaited 2022 Mom 24/7 Planner

Just like 2021’s, the 2022 Mom 24/7 Planner is designed with us, moms in mind and has been a mom’s journal companion for the past 10 years!

Here are just some of its unique features:
– Space for mom’s schedule and kids’ schedules
– Dates to Remember
– Essential trackers for home, health and life
– Child’s immunization records
– Menstrual cycle tracker
– Household staff file
– Menu planner
– Grocery shopping list
– Party planner sheets
– Travel planner
– Kids’ doodle sheet…and many more!

There are 3 cover designs to choose from.

  1. Jo Uygonco of The Winged Palette (#MMxJoUygonco)
  2. Ava Te-Zabat of @artsyava (#MMxAvaTeZabat)
  3. Mia De Lara of Mobu Days Design (#MMxMiaDeLara)

Honestly, it’s so hard to choose which design to take because they are all pretty! But I had to make a decision. HAHA! You’re going to see it soon on my social media accounts.

Let me know in the comment section which one is your pick. 🙂

Convinced now to not miss Expo Mom Online 2021 this coming weekend? Yes? Then, great! See you online this weekend! 😊

Expo Mom 2021: Mindful Mom is the fourth run of Expo Mom Online. It is Mommy Mundo’s flagship event as well as the Philippine’s longest running event for everything and anything motherhood. For over a decade, Mommy Mundo has been the leading resource for moms and dads all over the country, supporting them in every stage of parenthood through useful online content and a variety of events that seek to both teach and provide resources for both new and veteran parents. ExpoMom 2021 will be accessible to all on Facebook Live in the Mommy Mundo FB
. For more information, visit www.mommymundo.com/expomom.

Expo Mom 2021: Mindful Mom is co-presented by Baby Dove, PLDT Home and EnfaGrow All Nurapro Four and sponsored by Photobook Philippines; with the valuable support of Media Partners Inquirer.Net, Pop!, Manila Bulletin, Our Awesome Planet, TheAsianParent Philippines and When In Manila; with Community Partners: Camp Explore, Kindermusik Philippines and Jeron Travel & Tours Corp.


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