A Tale of the Thoughtful Tantrum: How our Family Photoshoot turned into a PostNup Session

Truth be told, when you’re a family who doesn’t have a helper at home and practices attachment parenting (breastfeeding, babywearing and co-sleeping and the like), there are high tendencies of having a very clingy little one.

And ever since we became parents a little over two years ago, we could hardly remember an instance that my husband and I went on a solo date. Not complaining though, just stating facts, because we wouldn’t have our time with Savia be spent any other way. 🙂 But I guess Savia somehow had a thoughtful gift for the both of us during the post-celebration of my birthday. ❤

Sharing with you the story behind how our family photoshoot turned into a postnup session plus some key points you might need to take note for your first or next family photoshoot session.

1. Concept and Venue – Your concept or ‘peg’ can be based on the venue of your photoshoot. And since we had our staycation at Rizal Park Hotel that has vintage interiors, we opted to wear something formal to complement the venue. (Nursing Dress: Colette Maxi Dress from Mome Nursing Wear available at The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub)

If you have another peg in mind, like matchy / couple / family clothes, you can also go for it. This photo was taken inside our room while Savia was asleep (after she threw a tantrum and eventually fell asleep). Read on to find out who was looking after her. 😊

2. Hair and Make-Up – If you can do your own make up like me, much better since it’s more tipid. Hehe! But if you have your own preferred glam team, then go for it 🙂

3. Photographer – Find a photographer whom you can trust with your shots and your poses. If you have a toddler in tow, I highly suggest that you hire someone who is expert in handling kids during shoots – just like the family behind Mhyian Photography.

Prior to booking, feel free to inquire if they have already done a photoshoot at the same venue. If yes, they would know the perfect spots where you can take those perfect shots and they can also give you a heads up should there be any payments or permits needed for the said venue. 🙂

As for Rizal Park Hotel, there was no additional payment since we’ve checked in there and brought our own photographer. They just emphasized that no other equipment such as reflectors and the likes must be set up. They do offer an in-house all-in photoshoot which rate starts at Php 50,000. You can directly get more about this info from them.

Go for candid shots. Your chosen photographer should know best on this – just like Mhyian Photography. 🙂

4. Be prepared for and manage possible tantrums of your toddler even before they throw them. Let them have enough sleep and rest (even just a few hours) before your scheduled photoshoot and feed them full because a happy tummy means a happy baby.

Unfortunately, this is something we’ve sort of missed out because our shoot was scheduled in the afternoon and we’ve met with some of our relatives in the morning to post-celebrate my birthday. We had to meet with them early in the morning and Savia was all hyped up playing with her cousins until she was tired out and sleepy – thus, the tantrums she’s throwing in the next photos.

5. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy, stay positive and happy – This is the most important one as how you feel will be shown and captured in your photos. In case of your toddler’s tantrums (just like what we have experienced), despite our regrets of not having her in most of the photos, we still looked at the positive side of it. Our supposedly family photoshoot turned into a postnup session instantly became an ‘us time’ that my husband and I never expected coming.

Special thanks to the family of Mommy Roma (Ate Arella and Baby) for looking after Savia while she was asleep and to Daddy Cris for our beautiful shots! We didn’t expect that we’d still have a decent photo with Savia despite her tantrums haha! (Refer to our featured photo above.)

Meanwhile, here’s a candid (funny) shot that pretty sums up our life with a toddler. 😀 I hope the list above would be of help to you. Would gladly listen to your family shoot stories in the comments below or just send me an email. 🙂

❤ Diana the Mama ❤

2 thoughts on “A Tale of the Thoughtful Tantrum: How our Family Photoshoot turned into a PostNup Session

  1. Those are really nice photos mommy! I guess, the tantrums is Savia’s way of letting you and your hubby take the spotlight ❤

    1. Thank you, Mommy Erika! Super thanks to the amazing photography skills of Mhyian Photography 😀

      I super agree with what you said. Moment daw namin kaya natulog muna siya hehehe!

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