6 Reasons Why Mommy Mundo’s ExpoMom Will Change the Way You Look at Shopping for Your Kids

Prior to giving birth to Savia in 2016 up until I resigned from work a few months after, and eventually moved in to the farther north of greater Manila area (we used to stay in Makati before), I did not know much about any mom-baby fairs nor any events that my husband and I could attend and learn from the experts in newborn care or parenting.

I only came to know more about these stuff when I became a yayaless stay-at-home mom more than a year ago. Browsing the net for social media and to windowshop mom-baby stuff in IG and FB are just some of the “break time” I could get when I’m done with all the mommy duties especially, while the baby is asleep. Who can relate, moms?! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ironic as it may sound but despite being from the north, our little family has not yet attended any ExpoMom North that Mommy Mundo has organized for 3 years already. Thankfully that ExpoMom North had its 2nd run this year at Trinoma Mall last October 6 and 7 and we were honored to be invited by their generous team to come over and gave us shopping GCs to use.

Indeed, it was a first time that our family will never forget. ๐Ÿ™‚

These are what was inside the lootbag given to Mommy Mundo passport holders at the entrance (until supplies last so be at the venue early. also, what’s inside the lootbag may vary). Special thanks to Mommy Mundo’s generous sponsors, Motts, Kikkoman, Contadina Pasta by Del Monte, Oh So Healthy and Goodbag PH.
Meanwhile, here are what we got from our haul. Snow White costume from Tots N Toddlers, Mother Nurture 7-in-1 Malunggay Coffee and Chocolate Mixes from Urban Mom PH, and a unicorn headband from Posh Fairy PH.

We had so much fun stocking up for our mom-baby essentials at the ExpoMom North 2. So fun that I was able to list down 6 reasons why going to Mommy Mundo’s ExpoMom will change the way you shop for your kids.

1. How Mommy Mundo and ExpoMom were Founded

As someone has put it, “Every Problem is an Opportunity to a Creative Solution.” And that is exactly how Mommy Mundo, the Team behind ExpoMom was created by its Founder, Janice Villanueva almost two decades ago when she gave birth to her firstborn son.

At the time, educational campaigns and activities for moms were few and far between. She wanted to be the best mom that she can be, but she needed help… She found out just how challenging it is to be a mother in the modern world… Knowing that other women were experiencing the same highs and lows as she was in their parenting lives, she decided to take action and founded Mommy Mundo. (Reference: https://www.mommymundo.com/about-index/)

Meanwhile, ExpoMom, being one of the events that Mommy Mundo hosts, was first launched in 2008 with a vision of becoming the ultimate trade expo of mom and baby products in Manila. And after its successes in showcasing and advocating the true celebration of motherhood, it soon had Mompreneur Movement event and even reached out more and more moms (and dads too) as the team started to bring ExpoMom nationwide (Manila, Cebu, Davao, CDO, and [this Saturday, November 10 2018] in Baguio).

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2. The Founder, Janice C. Villanueva, together with her Team

Apart from how she has founded Mommy Mundo almost two decades ago and how far the success of it has a come a long way, she remains grounded and very down-to-earth (as a lot of people also say about her and when I met her personally for the first time at the ExpoMom North 2).

Just last month, even if it was her who was celebrating her birthday, she chose to host a Birthday Project Love as a way of thanksgiving for yet another year of blessings by helping one of her Mommy Mundo teammates whose son is battling with cancer. Lo and behold, by God’s grace and the generosity of the donors, all tickets were SOLD OUT! ๐Ÿ™‚

I must say, she’s a hands-on mompreneur and an inspirational mom of 3, too. She’s already been one of my mommy pegs even prior to our meeting.

Fangirling over meeting and having a photo op with the woman behind Mommy Mundo, Mommy Janice Villanueva <3

But of course, I must also commend the team (RJ Dancel and Reg and the rest of their team members) for their dedication and efforts in putting up and organizing such events for us parents.

With Mommy RJ Dancel of Ang Buhay Lokal and one of the hardworking people behind Mommy Mundo. Before meeting her, I’ve already been following her blog and her IG account. And I just love how intricate her shots and her contents are. So sad didn’t have a photo with Rej, though.

3. It’s Not Just an Expo but also a Mom Community

For a Stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM) like me, and I guess even the other moms would agree that attending any parent-related event is somehow considered as a me-time already, most especially if it involves shopping for the kids. Agree? ๐Ÿ˜€

And because leaving the house with a toddler is already a challenge and an effort, making the most out of our time going out is crucial.

Why going to the ExpoMom makes it so sulit? Because parents do not only get to shop from the wide array of trusted mom-baby brands in one place with great discounts and offers but there are also scheduled programs, informative talks, activities and raffle games during the event.

And YES, it could also be an avenue for you to catch up with some mommy friends and make new friends with other moms and dads, too.

4. Meet-and-Greet and Be Inspired By the Entrepreneurs Behind the Brands

With over 60 brands and exhibitors at the ExpoMom North 2, I did not miss out on dropping by almost (almost because I only missed out on 2 or 3 booths :-D) each booth and have at least a short chitchat with the owners or their staff who manned their booths to know more about their products, their advocacy and how they started. (Special thanks to Reg of the Mommy Mundo for also touring me around and for introducing me to some of the mompreneurs I was too shy to introduce myself to haha).

Admittedly, visiting those booths and have a short chitchat with them was quite tiring but it was totally worth it.

Here are photos I had with with some mompreneurs I got to chat with at the Expo.

5. More than doing Business, Empowering Mompreneurs (and Dadpreneurs) spread their respective advocacies is also an Advocacy of Mommy Mundo

There’s nothing more inspiring than hearing the startup stories (may it be local or international brands who are distributed in the country) firsthand from the entrepreneurs themselves.

Parenting by itself, as they say, is already challenging. Thank heavens for the brilliant minds and drive of entrepreneurs to come up or bring innovative mom-baby products that could make our lives so much easier and have one less thing to worry about.

6. Mommy Mundo Has Set the Trend for Moms’ Must-Have Plannerย  + A Passport that Entitles Perks that Every Mom Can Enjoy + Journey Box

Just because there is no mom that I know is not busy and pre-occupied with all the mom- and non-mom-related stuff there are, it is always wise to write down your to-do’s, groceries and even the most important events such as birthdays and anniversaries (yeah, because #mombrain).

That is why I am so excited to get my hands on the Mom 24/7 2019 edition because since they have launched it six years ago,ย for the first time ever they have collaborated with 3 artists to design its covers, and give each planner a distinct yet contemporary look.

Mommy Mundo are accepting pre-orders for Mom 24/7 2019 edition at only P600 which will be launched at #ExpoMomHoliday 2018 on November 23-25!

The good news is all valid Mommy Mundo Passport holders get their planner for FREE. This is one of the great perks of being an #mmpassport holder! Applicable for passport holders with issue dates falling between November 13, 2017 to November 25, 2018!

Aside from this, when you apply for a Mommy Mundo passport (valued at P500, which you can also renew every year to continuously enjoy its perks), a limited edition Journey Box (a seasonal benefit) will also be given to you. (Below is a sample of the Mommy Mundo Journey Box.)

Click on this link to apply for a Mommy Mundo passport or you may opt to apply in person at the Mommy Mundo Holiday on November 23-25. Details are in the post by Mommy Mundo below.

Hope to see you there! ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Mommy Mundo’s ExpoMom Will Change the Way You Look at Shopping for Your Kids

  1. Same experience sis! Never knew that events and communities like this exists until I became a stay at home mom. It was my first time to attend Expomom too but we missed the program ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Hoping to meet you mommies on future events ๐Ÿ’•

    1. Was it in ExpoMom North 2 that you were able to attend it for the first time? If yes, sayang di tayo nagkita. Di bale, meron pa upcoming. Hope to bump into you there or in other mom-baby events ๐Ÿ˜Š

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