A Trip to Terrific Two: A Letter to my 2-year-old Daughter

This is a letter I randomly made for my daughter a few days before her birthday.

Dear, our strawberry baby Savia.

You’ll be turning 2 soon and your Papa and I could not be happier since you came into our lives and our love for you only grows day by day.

Congrats to us because we’ll be marking our 24th month since I chose to breastfeed you and never gave up even if I had felt the need to do so before because of various circumstances.

But we’ve reached this far. No signs of weaning just yet.😊

Probably, I’m at heaviest (postpartum) weight right now. I have flabby arms and tummy. Miles apart from my pre-partum body — but I couldn’t care less.

You love me for who and for what I am. You don’t judge me – you even give me kisses and hugs and looks at me like I’m the most beautiful creature there is.

I’m not a good cook but I’m still trying to becoming one.

You have a lot of antics that you’re showing us. You can now do splits. You’re getting better and better in dancing (esp. Momoland and Awesome Haeyun’s collab on Bboom Bboom and Baam). If only I could record every single thing that you do, I would. But it’s all in my heart and my mind, anak.

Your Papa and I may not be perfect parents and never will we be, but we’ll do our very best to be the better versions of ourselves as we go through this journey of being your parents.

May you enjoy your special day, though you won’t remember everything on that day but I know that the happiness and love you’ll feel then will have a long-term impact on your well-being as you grow up.

We love you and we always will.


Papa Everard and Mama Diana

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