Mount Fuji: The Witness of a Proposal

2014 was indeed a year full of celebrations particularly weddings and may I add, wedding proposals (that were happily accepted by their significant others). Different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were flooded by the news of some local and foreign celebrities down to one’s closest friends and relatives who got engaged and/or have tied the knot.

And little did I know that I will be one of those who will be asked of the (what I call) most-anticipated-yet-unexplainable-when-you’re-there-question — “Will you marry me?” and, of course, answer my big “Oo.” (in Filipino) or “Yes.” (in English).

From my side of the story, here it is…

Day 4 of our Japan Trip – 2nd to our last. A freezing but a sunny day, it was as we were heading to Kawaguchiko to have a glimpse of Mount Fuji. Our couple friends, Dave and Roxanne, my Love, Everard and myself were up for this trip. I’ll try to be as detailed as I can so that you may have an idea of what have preoccupied my mind for almost half of the day until he popped the magic question haha!

This was supposedly on our Day 2 but due to the bad weather, hence a very little chance to see Mount Fuji, we had it rescheduled to this day instead.

While waiting for our bus trip, we managed to have some coffee and breakfast (and for the sake of having the SB experience there haha!), we went to Starbucks Shinjuku. (Photo grabbed from Rox’s FB account.)
Photo grabbed from Rox’s FB account.
SB groupfie
Photo grabbed from Rox’s FB account.

We boarded the bus and left Shinjuku Bus Terminal at around 10:10am. Since the travel time is about 1 hour and 45 minutes, Rox and I (we’re seatmates! ^_^) opted to watch one of our favorite shows in the Philippines, the Filipino adaptation of a Korean drama – Two Wives, via iWantv. I even posted a photo of us on my FB account.


Approaching Fujiyama Station… While we were still on the bus, we were already dying to get a good shot of the Mount Fuji.
We even saw on our way a wedding rites of a Japanese couple.
Touchdown! A mandatory photo in front of the Fujiyama Station.
Got our tickets for this trip.
A groupfie inside the Kawaguchiko Retro Bus going to Lake Kawaguchiko and Tenjoyama Park Mount Kachikachi Ropeway.

We took the chance to have a mini photoshoot in one of the parks near Lake Kawaguchiko and just across Tenjoyama Park Mount Kachikachi Ropeway.

The only photo the I was able to upload on FB before “The Proposal” using my iPhone 5s.


One of my favorites! 🙂


Lake Kawaguchiko:Viewpoint from Tenjoyama Park Mount Kachikachi Ropeway Entrance
Tenjoyama Park Mount Kachikachi Ropeway Entrance
Tenjoyama Park Mount Kachikachi Ropeway Rates
Got our tickets! Here we go! 🙂


Inside the cable car.
View atop Tenjoyama Park Mount Kachikachi Ropeway.
My last selfie as an unengaged woman haha! (don’t even know if this appropriate for me to use.)
Again, a mandatory selfie with boyfie upon reaching the top. 🙂

the amazing Mt. Fuji 😍🌁🇯🇵 #japan2014 #EverYanInJapan #Day4 #yolo

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 The Preparation.

And so we’ve found this very beautiful spot (with a bench as a bonus hehe) with the Mount Fuji as our background for our photo ops.


But my boyfriend for more than 3 years now, Everard (now, my fiancé) and our dear friend, Dave went to a higher place to check for a better view of the famous mountain. Roxanne and I was left waiting for them. Little did I know that she was already preparing the “other digicam” to capture the “whole thing” in video. I was even concerned about the camera and told her, “Rox, kawawa naman ‘yung digicam, nakabilad sa arawan.” She just then moved the tripod and camera just because I told her so. They were so busy doing their own stuff and I was busy doing my own – editing and uploading photos on IG and FB while waiting for the 2 boys. They were even supportive of me then which was a tactic for them to make me busy and not mind of anything they’re doing AT ALL. Hahaha! And it worked.

Photo grabbed from Rox’s FB account.
Photo grabbed from Rox’s FB account.

The Proposal.

Camera’s ready. First to take pictures of was our couple friends, Dave and Roxanne. They posed facing the camera; they posed facing the Mount Fuji.

Then came our turn. We posed facing the camera; we posed facing the Mount Fuji. And we again posed facing the camera. Until…

The banner “Say yes to forever” was almost a fail as you can see hahaha!
Okay. Now that’s perfect! 🙂

Until he handed me a piece of paper (which was really 2 pieces). And as I was reading through, I was realizing that the handwriting was too familiar to me. It was my mother’s.

I took photos of it and also encoded its verbatim version.



Anak, masaya ako sa kung ano ka at sa kung ano’ng meron ka ngayon. I am so proud of you and of course, it made me so proud too. I thank God for having you in my life. At sa mga darating pang panahon, mas lalawak pang kaalaman mo. Mas malayo pa ang mararating at marami ka pang magandang mararanasan at matututunan sa buhay.

At darating ka din sa panibagong yugto ng buhay mo: ang pag-aasawa.

At syempre, ‘tulad ng ibang magulang, hangad namin ang maayos at masayang pagpa-pamilya mo.

At eto na nga… Nagpaalam na sa amin ni Tito Jun mo si Everard na magpo-propose siya sa’yo. At medyo naipaliwanag niya na rin kung ano ang mga plano niya para sa ikasasaya at ikabubuti ng gusto niyang buuing pamilya.

Bagama’t may iyak nang konti pero hindi para hadlangan naming ang magandang hangarin sa’yo ni Everard. Pero syempre nasa’yo pa rin ang desisyon… Anak, kung saan ka masaya, masaya na rin kami para sa’yo.

Everard, two thumbs up kami sa’yo. Alam naming iingatan at hindi pababayaan o sasaktan si Diane. Malaki ang tiwala naming sa’yo at sana hindi ‘yun magbago.

Welcome ka sa family namin. Good luck and congrats in advance sa’yo!

Wish you guys happiness and God bless both of you always.

Love, love, love,

🙂 -> smiley

Mama Dina & Family”

Now, one of two the million-dollar questions is, “Did I cry?” I was about to but I didn’t. I tried not to. Because I promised myself that if the time comes that I’d be proposed to by my special man, I won’t shed a tear because it might ruin my make up during this special moment in my life. Hehehe! Funny but true.

As a matter of fact, I gave Everard a very few requests on his proposal to me – which I NEVER had any idea that it was already IT. Hahaha!

  • Make sure I’ll have time to retouch. Which I apparently did for the picture taking.
  • On my favorite and dream season — Autumn, which I apparently forgot. It’s autumn in Japan when we there. #NotSoSharpMemoryProblems HAHAHAHAHA!!!

The other million-dollar question, of course is, “What did I answer – YES or NO?” Since I was in total awe then and it really felt so surreal, I forgot to answer him reciprocal to his question – which should’ve been in English. Instead, I answered him, “Oo.” (Yes in Filipino.) Hahaha! And I kept on uttering while giggling, “Totoo ba ‘to? Totoo ba ‘to” (“Is this true? Is this true?”)

The following photos will tell you what happened next.


#GGSS gandang-ganda siya sa’kin shot hahahahaha


Soon enough, I will eventually be part of the Married Club haha!
And I said, “Oo.” Hihihi!
One of my most-liked FB posts that garnered almost 300 thumbs up. Pure happiness, it is! Thank you for the appreciation. 🙂

Many thanks again to our dear couple friends, Dave and Rox for helping out Everard on setting up all these. Of course, for capturing the moments that we will forever cherish.

As they, “And the rest is history.” <3

First published on my first blog at last January 4, 2015

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