7 Things I Learned from the Online 101 Workshop by ShopeePHxMamacademyPH + BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

Nowadays, with all the hustle and bustle in the kinds of urban transportation available in our country, more and more moms (and even dads, too) consider leaving their careers in the corporate world and decide into putting up their own businesses at the comfort of their homes or the other way around (stay-at-home moms turn into entrepeneurs) – such are called as Mom/Dadpreneurs.

With all the means and the power of reaching individuals only with the help of the internet as a powerful tool to market their businesses and a little bit of chika – these are all made possible.

So when I found out about the “Online 101 Workshop” from Mamacademy PH, my husband and I registered right away to know more about it.

And indeed, the workshop was a success! Just last January 27, 2018, we met moms (with the supportive dads) whose interests and expectations to learn more about online business were met and exceeded even.

The event was made possible by the generosity of its sponsors through Shopee Philippines in collaboration with Mamacademy PH. Alongside these are also the generosity of the inspiring mompreneurs behind the local brand partners for the game prizes which the moms (and dads alike) have enjoyed so much, such as:

These are what’s inside of our lootbags. There are in two’s since my husband and I both registered for the event. As what Mommy Kaye of the Mamacademy PH has put it, learning is a family thing. 🙂

PS. Since most of the items, we think someone else would benefit more from, and in time for my birthday next month, a giveaway awaits my readers at the end of this blog. 🙂

With the expertise and experiences willingly shared by some of the key speakers headed by Ms. Viviene Bigornia of The Fulfilled Women, here are the 7 things that I have learned from the workshop.

  1. Decide on what product or services that you want to put up to. You will not be able to start your business in the first place if you don’t have a product or service to offer to your target market (target customers). If for a few reasons, you’re doubtful
  2. Set your priorities. First things first. During the workshop, Ms. Viviene shared a list of characteristics of a good product which she asked for the participants to rate from 1 to 10 each depending on the level of priority they are willing to exert effort into.
      • Something you are passionate about
      • Something you are knowledgeable at
      • Something that is consumable
      • Something that people will consume
      • Something that is easy to store
      • Something that can be collected
  3. Know where to get good suppliers. In my own words, the supplier is the heart of the business whether you plan to be a reseller or buy raw materials from them.
    • Here is a handful of list from the workshop that might be of help to you.
  4. Be mindful in pricing your products/services. If there’s one thing that could be a good indicator if whether or not your business will succeed, that would be how the pricing of the commodities were made.
    • Here is a list of what you need to consider when pricing your products.
      • Labor
      • Taxes and payables
      • Disscounts
      • Customs
      • Allowance
      • Online presence
  5. Maximize your marketing tools. Download the Shopee app NOW. Shopee is a fun, free and trusted way to buy and sell instantly online. They are a leading mobile-first marketplace platform in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines) and Taiwan. Shopping online on Shopee is safe and they make sure of it. Get the item you ordered or get your money back with Shopee Guarantee. Create and browse listings for free, at no extra charge. Join our Shopee community and start shopping today! (Reference: https://shopee.ph/)
    • With all the help of the emerging technology and the power of social media, it is now easier for any business to reach its target market. However, always bear in mind that nothing still beats the marketing strategy of C-to-C (customer-to-customer) – being recommended and preferred by your customers. Trust me, they’ll do it for you for free without them realizing. 🙂
  6. Stay in the game. One of the realities in starting/handling a business, there are times that you will profit, there will be times when can experience a loss. There could be rejections (esp. from customers) and there could also be customers who will test your limit with your patience. Always remember: Be patient with yourself but be patient with your customers all the more.
  7. Pray. In any circumstance that you are in or in any decision that you have to make, remember what Proverbs 3:6 says: “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

BONUS: One of the learnings that really caught my attention during the workshop.

You don’t have to be great to start.

You have to start to be great.


Here are some of the photo ops during and after the workshop.














Due to the sponsors’ generosity from the Online 101 Workshop, and since my birthday is fast approaching (February 20), here’s my first blog giveaway for my readers!

What’s included in the prizes?

  • 3pcs. Merries Diaper (S)
  • 3pcs. Merries diaper (NB)
  • Shopee notebook with pen
  • Shopee tumbler
  • Shopee foldable fan
  • Cutesy clips from The Crafters Marketplace and;
  • a multi-pocketed small pouch bag (in violet or orange).

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Good luck, everyone!


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